Mobile Ice Cream Vending Truck

Mobile Ice Cream Vending Truck

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  • Unit price: 70cm - 90cm - 1M - 1M2 - 1M5
  • Model: Mobile ice cream truck (XBK)
  • Product name: Assembled street vendor car
  • Made in Viet Nam
  • Brand: Hoang Sa Viet Construction
  • Frame material: Tempered steel - Static electricity
  • Wall material: 50mm dedicated 2-layer Rockwool Panel
  • Heat insulation: 95%
  • Fire resistance: 100%
  • Connection type: Smart Connector, removable.
  • Electrical system: Basic (LED light, socket, CB)
  • Warranty: 10 Years
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Vehicle Name/Type Mobile Ice Cream Vending Truck
Size Optional : 70cm, 90cm, 1m, 1m1, 1m5, 1m8, 2m
Material Tempered steel - powder coated, 50mm 2 layers panel
Roof Part Optional: Roofless, pagoda roof, flat roof,...
Wheel Optional: 2 large cakes 2 small cakes, 4 small cakes, 2 large cakes 1 small cake
Decal/Decoration Free consultation suitable for wearing, free with order value
Characteristic Folding type , extremely fast disassembly.
Vehicle Condition 100% new
Guarantee 12 months
Trademark Hoang Sa Viet Construction


HSV ice cream car
Ice cream trolley - Hoang Sa Viet

Structure: The car is divided into 2 separate compartments, an upper compartment is for processing and selling, and the lower compartment is for storing necessary items to support sales. Glass cabinet: Surrounding the ice cream
table , there is also an extra layer of glass. Thickened transparent tempered glass, both to preserve, prevent dust, insects, and help buyers can easily observe the ice cream making process inside The roof: The upper design is used to cover the car from the sun and
rain . and supplies, materials….With this roof, shop owners can trade in all weather conditions

your car hangs around
Street vendors - Hoang Sa Viet

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