The Notes of People of Destiny? When Buying a Prefab Home, Do You Need to See the Destiny?

  • 26/09/2022
  • If you are learning about feng shui , it is certainly impossible to ignore the law of the five elements. This is considered one of the first theories, developed by the Eastern people. The Five Elements have 5 core elements: Metal - Wood - Water - Fire - Earth, which always go hand in hand with the rotation of the universe. In the above 5 factors, Thuy is a very important factor. There is no life without water. The following information will be shared so that we can have a more comprehensive view of the Thuy .

    Overview of people destined for Thuy

    Manh Thuy is one of the important elements in the law of the five elements. These life-bearers will sometimes transform into a calm, gentle stream of water, sometimes like a vast ocean,...

    How to recognize people destined for Thuy

    People of the Thuy network have full five senses, clear lines: Short, even eyebrows, big round eyes, alert and often have dark skin, possessing a clear voice. Their personality is very tolerant, deep, agile, adaptable to many environments and good at communicating, so they are loved by everyone.

    Jobs that are suitable for people with the destiny of Thuy

    Because they are good at communicating and easily adapting to the environment, Thuy people will develop very well in all circumstances. People at this age will be suitable for the following professions: maritime, marine trade, aquaculture, coffee shop business, finance and banking, accounting...

    In what year was the person born in the Water Destiny?

    Menh Thuy has 6 negative loads corresponding to different birth years:
    - Launching ceremony (water under the slit): 1936, 1996 - Binh Ty; 1937, 1997 - Dinh Suu.
    - Dai Khe Thuy (large slot water): 1974 - Giap Dan; 1975 - Lunar New Year.
    - Watercourse field (long flowing river water): 1952, 2012 - Nham Thin; 1953, 2013 - The Snake.
    - Tuyen Trung Thuy (water in streams): 1944, 2004 - Giap Than; 1945, 2005 - At Dau.
    - Water galaxy (water in the sky): 1966 - Binh Ngo.
    - Dai Hai Thuy (big sea water): 1982 - Nham Tuat; 1983 - Quy Hoi.

    Lucky numbers of people destined for Thuy

    - 1, 6, 7 these are the numbers that people of Thuy destiny should prioritize to choose. This row of numbers will help you bring a lot of luck, wish for wishes, success in life and career.
    - In addition to the numbers above, 2, 8, 9 are numbers that should limit the selection. People with the Water destiny will suffer from loss of wealth, wealth, and bad luck if they meet these three numbers.

    The mutual relationship of people destined for Thuy

    In the five-element system, there are factors that affect each other's growth and support each other, and there are also factors that inhibit each other's development. For example, the following mutualistic - contrasting relationships of people in the Water parity are as follows:
    - Mutual relationship, develop together:
    Earth gives birth to Metal - Kim gives birth to Water - Aquatic Wood - Wood gives birth to Fire - Fire gives birth to Earth.
    (Those of the Water element are very compatible with the Kim element and the Wood element).
    - Interrelationships:
    Water engraves Fire - Fire engraves Metal - Metal meets Wood - Wood engraves Earth - Earth meets Water.
    (Those with the Water element will be engraved with the Earth element and the Fire element).
    Five Elements Mutual Birth - Mutual Concord


    Arrow (red): expression of mutualism.

    Arrow (black): contrasting expression.

    Why choose feng shui colors?

    According to the laws of the universe, the five elements and colors always go together because they support each other, helping the law of yin and yang become harmonious, determining the sand. In particular, in the East, it is believed that color plays a very important role in improving feng shui, fortune ... If choosing colors that are not in harmony, it is easy to bring bad luck and anxiety in life. living. Therefore, color is one of the factors that should be considered. So, what colors will Thuy's fate match and be incompatible with?

    What is the color of the Water Destiny (compatibility color)?

    According to studies, the colors belonging to the Water element, the Wood element, and the Kim element will be the best for those with the Water element . Therefore, people of the Water parity are united with blue, black, white, and metallic colors.
    - Black: symbolizes mystery, strength, fierceness.
    - Blue: water color, color of hope, color of purity.
    - White: purity, clarity, is a color that brings positive energy and motivation.
    - Metallic color: fortune and prosperity.

    What color does not match the water (contrasting color)?

    If there is a similar color, there will be a contrasting color. People in the Water parity will hate colors such as green, red, orange, purple, yellow, and brown.
    - Green: Thuy will take a lot of energy to promote the development of Wood (green represents the element of Wood), so it will hinder the success of people with the Water par.
    - Red, orange, purple: this is a very contrasting color with the people of the Water destiny (red, orange, purple represent the element of Fire), Fire engraved Thuy, so it will cause you to be controlled, less fortunate.
    - Yellow, earthy brown: the color of reducing fortune for people of the Water parity (yellow, earthy brown represents the element of Earth), Thuy is incompatible with Tho, so it is not advisable to choose yellow or brown.

    Menh Thuy when buying a house, which direction should I choose?

    In the five-element system , they are incompatible with each other, each destiny has a good direction, great sand and great benefits. In particular, when intending to buy a house, the direction is very important to the owner. When you find the right direction, the direction will always meet with luck and success in life.

    Good direction for people with Thuy destiny : right west, right north, right south.
    - Main direction west: this direction is extremely suitable for people with Thuy destiny. In the five elements, the West belongs to the element Kim and Kim gives birth to Thuy. When side by side, will create growth and development promotion.
    - Main direction North: this direction can help homeowners with Thuy destiny have more fortune, benefits, stimulate business and career to flourish.
    - Main direction south: this is a direction that brings positive energy, helping homeowners overcome all difficulties.
    People of the Water destiny should prioritize choosing in these 3 directions.

    When buying a prefab house, do you need to see the destiny?

    Prefab homes are also known as mobile homes or container homes . When deciding to buy a house, you should do thorough research about the house. In particular, it is recommended to combine the factors of age, destiny, feng shui to make the most accurate decision. Like classic houses, when choosing a prefab house , careful consideration of feng shui and age is also indispensable. What many buyers are interested in is how to place the house, how to choose the length and width of the door, how to set the stairs up and down properly... Prefab houses also have the same structure as a normal house and You can freely design according to feng shui, according to your liking.
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