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Experience Installing Solar Battery Systems For Prefab Houses

  • 17/08/2022
  • Important note before implementation.

    This article is written for the purpose of guidance so that everyone can better understand the process of installing solar panels for assemblers and for reference, recommended for those who do not have electrical and mechanical knowledge. You should do it yourself directly because it will affect your life. In addition, before assembling, you should buy solar batteries from major reputable companies in the market such as: Canadian, JA, Longi, Huawei, Kobell and let a professional assemble it if you are not a resident. profession. First, let's find out briefly the meaning of solar power with Hoang Sa Viet and how to install it.

    What is solar power?

    Solar power is a type of electricity researched and manufactured to replace traditional electricity for the purpose of helping to protect the environment, save costs for the family, and create an automatic source of income and work. reduce pressure on the national grid.

    This is an endlessly renewable source generated by absorbing radiation from sunlight energy, along with a small part of the energy of other atomic particles that are absorbed by the Cell panels and generate electricity. Solar energy provides an infinite source of energy, does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and especially has no cost to use, but you will spend a large amount of money on the initial investment for electricity. This.

    This is also considered a clean power source and brings many benefits not only to families but also to businesses and business households, typically economic benefits.

    So can the prefab house use solar electricity?

    The answer is yes

    The assembly house is designed with a roof to place solar panels to help provide optimal clean electricity during use. Not only is it easy to install on the roof, but also has the following advantages:

    - Cost savings

    - No environmental pollution

    - Can be sold back to the electricity company, especially in the hot season

    - Still works efficiently even without solar power

    Materials needed to install solar panels

    The first item is solar panels including silicon batteries capable of absorbing sunlight completely, turning light energy into electricity for optimal use.

    Power charger : Has the function of regulating the charge of the battery, protecting the battery against overcharging or over-discharging to prolong the battery's service life and help the system installation process use more efficiently. effective and long lasting.

    Activator: This device is used to convert direct current into alternating current, suitable for use with all household electrical appliances with a voltage of 220V. Users can also use 2 types of exciters suitable for each type of device such as:

    - Simulated sine for light bulbs, televisions, computers...
    - Standard sine for air-conditioners, fans, pumps...

    Battery : This is a place to store electricity for use at night or when there is a power outage.

    In addition, we need to have a backup power generation system that can operate continuously from 1 to 1.5 days without using air conditioning.

    Important notes when installing solar batteries

    Choosing the right battery capacity for household electricity: often we think that we should choose a battery capacity equal to the nominal capacity of the inverter inverter, however, experts recommend that we choose the right battery capacity. battery capacity is higher because the rated wattage posted on the solar panels is obtained from standard laboratory conditions. That is, the parameter recorded on the solar panel is taken in the radiation intensity level of 1000W/m2 and a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

    Calculating the amount of oversize when installing the battery: this needs to be based on the digital information recorded on the inverter, because each company has different information but usually the companies will give an oversize of 10-30% compared to the information. recorded on the inverter

    Choose a reputable installer: this is very important, especially for electrical related products, so you should choose a supplier carefully and choose to install products with a clear origin to avoid danger to your health. live.