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Cheap, Beautiful and Modern Prefab Designs

  • 17/10/2022
  • Are you looking for a quick, cost-effective construction solution that still achieves the desired quality or you are having problems with paperwork and can't build a traditional house normally? Smart prefab houses are a reasonable solution to owning a brand new home without having to worry about the problem of dealing with long construction delays. Join Hoang Sa Viet Construction to learn and share more about the structure, benefits and differences of prefab model compared to traditional house so you can start researching and choosing for your smart home. friend.

    What is a prefab house?

    Prefab houses , also known as steel frame assemblers, are formed from disassembled lightweight materials that are joined together. Typically, a high-grade panel has a glasswool layer in the middle, using a water-resistant and bearing Cement Board to make the floor, a powder-coated white corrugated aluminum flat ceiling and a stamped frame. U-shaped for sure. This type of house cannot be considered as a temporary house because it is basically a new house system that fully integrates both roof and floor, with insulation and electrical insulation, fire protection equipment, energy saving and interior decoration. the seventh.

    The shape of the prefab house is compact and simple, but still has aesthetics and high durability and utility. Using assembled housing not only ensures structural requirements, but also saves money and is easy to disassemble and transport to another location very quickly . Not to mention it is also one of the solutions to protect the environment, reduce emissions and avoid hazards to human health when applied instead of traditional house construction methods. The design house is being widely applied, especially for households with few or many members, which can be met depending on their needs and living environment.

    The difference between a traditional house and a prefab house

    Advantages of prefab houses

    Prefab houses have been gradually becoming a global trend, here are some unexpected advantages that this model brings to the construction industry in general and people in particular.

    1. Quick and short construction time

    2. Reduce a part of construction cost

    3. Easy to disassemble and expand the prefab house , highly portable

    4. Contributing to environmental protection

    5. Modern, unique, not outdated architecture

    Beautiful and modern prefab house designs